Project Description

1.Aluminum kitchen foil / Aluminium kitchen foil has the advantages of being damp-proof, airtight, lightproof, wear-resistant, aroma-keeping, non-poisonous and tasteless.

2.It has a elegant feature of silvery white and is easily to be processed to be beautiful pictures and decorative patterns of different colors.

3.It is produced under high temperature to prevent from bacterial infection. It is also resistant to elevated temperatures which has no influence on the physical characteristics.

4.When aluminum foil used for wrapping food,it doesn’t absorb the oil. But after being embossed, it has the oil-control effect .

5.For the green and environmental character, it can be recycled and reused easily.

Kitchen Foil Roll

Aluminum Kitchen Foil Roll is one of largest product in Eastern Packing. It concludes different products with different packages compared to reynolds aluminium. Our main customer is food service distribution companies, restaurant distributors, restaurant wholesale as well as retailers.

1. Consumer roll:

Length: 5m-60.96m
Width: 300mm;304mm;450mm;457mm
Thickness of aluminum foil: 9-23mic
Package: Color box; shrnk pack;

2.Food service roll:

Length: 60.96m-304.8m
Width: 300mm;304mm;450mm;457mm;600mm;609mm
Thickness: 9-23mic
Package: Corrugated box;Bubble pack;

Special specs for North America:

1. Consumer Roll:

25SQ.FT(12in x 25ft);
37.5SQ.FT(18in x 25ft);
50SQ.FT(12in x 50ft);
75 SQ.FT(12in x 75ft);
100SQ.FT(12in x 100ft);
150SQ.FT(18in x 100ft);
200SQ.FT(12in x 200ft);

2.Foodservice Roll:

500SQ.FT(12in X 500ft)
750SQ.FT(18in x 500ft);
1000SQ.FT(12in x 1000ft);
1500SQ.FT(18in x 1000ft);
2000SQ.FT(12in x 2000ft)
3000SQ.FT(18in x 2000ft)

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1. If Aluminum foil / aluminium foil could be used in microwave oven?
EPacking answers: No. Aluminum foil in oven will react with foil to break the surface. If foil is put in microwave for long time, it will fire.

2.When heated, the surface of foil will change to a new color, why?
EPacking answers: This is called Oxidation. We need to talk what is aluminum foil made of. Foil is made of 99.99% aluminum then it will be oxidated after heated. You need to change the way for cooking with foil.

3.What is MOQ of Epacking?
EPacking answers: To make a better service level, we accept mixed 20ft container of different kinds of products. If you have special requirement, please let us know and we will try to meet your needs.

4.Can EPacking do OEM or ODM?
EPacking answers: OEM is our basic service for customers. Meanwhile, we have our own design team to help customers on ODM. This is a FREE service to customers.

5.Since I am new buyer in China and EPacking is very professional on disposable products, could I hire you as our sourcing agent in China?
EPacking answers: That is for sure. We have a separate sourcing branch to help our customers for product sourcing in China. We only charge little commission but do a lot of work to supply best service level. Now we are sourcing for several importers who is working on large retailers like COSTCO.

6.What is your Payment Terms?
EPacking answers: Our general terms is 30% prepayment when place order & 70% balance within 1 week of delivery. To decrease doubt from customer, we will supply great service to show customer production preparation,production online, stored finished products and loading status. Images and videos could be no problem based on your request. And when we start the business for a long time with great reputation, we are glad to give better terms.

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