Aluminum foil jumbo roll is one of the most important raw materials used in the factors. This is why its main customers are traders, factor owners, distributors, and wholesalers. Eastern Packing is the best Aluminum Jumbo Roll manufacturer in China.


The demand for aluminum foil has been increasingly growing due to the benefits it offers to customers, as according to the survey conducted in 2006, the year-on-year demand for aluminum foil is expected to surpass 4 percent by 2024.


This blog post is useful for the importers, wholesalers, and customers who are looking for aluminum foil jumbo roll manufacturer in China.


Reasons behind a rapidly growing demand for aluminum foil roll


One of the most widely used materials for packaging of goods is aluminum because it is a non-ferrous metal. Different kinds of containers can also be made due to its excellent material.


Food in any form, frozen, cooked, and uncooked can also be protected with the help of aluminum foil. They are also safely used to serve food as well. As they are recyclable so generally are known as consumer-friendly.


One of the reasons why it is used widely domestically and commercially is its easiness; for example, they are not used safely in conventional cooking but are also microwave-friendly. Moreover, it can also be used in boilers safely without compromising the quality.


One main reason why its demand is expected to increase rapidly in the future is that it is very light weighted material. It is also very famous for its versatility as it is a natural barrier and has the quality of impermeability.


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These are the reasons because of which the demand for aluminum foil is expected to grow substantially in the future.


The market of aluminum foil

Based on its application, the market of aluminum foil is divided into two sections of wrapping and non-packaging.


Wrapping applications entail shielding the food from climatic and chemical threats. On the other side, non-packaging consists of wire and capacitors enfold the heat exchange cylinder for ACs due to its property of conductivity.


The share of China in the world’s aluminum market is the largest because of the high quality of aluminum foil by the manufacturers of China.


Aluminum foil jumbo roll Manufacturer in China is producing it at very low cost as compared to the other countries. This is because of the easy availability of raw material for the production of aluminum foil at a low cost.


Moreover, state-of-the-art equipment is used by manufacturers in China to provide exceptional quality.


Qualities you need to look in the product while selecting aluminum foil jumbo roll Manufacturer in China


No matter you are a wholesaler or a retailer you need to search for a reliable aluminum foil manufacturer in order to save cost without compromising the quality.


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DC and CC aluminum blanks are the raw material used for manufacturing excellent quality aluminum foil jumbo roll.


However, the technological conditions of aluminum foil blank include quality to dissolve, exterior quality, leather breadth, and thickness variation, coat quality, and mechanical characteristics.


So the very important point you need to see while selecting aluminum foil supplier/manufacturer is that they would be able to supply quite a wide range of aluminum foils, such as HHF aluminum foil, SRC aluminum foil, pharmaceutical foil, and others.


The aluminum foil reduction mill is the major and most significant tool for the manufacturing of aluminum foil jumbo roll.


Presently, the majority of the reduction mills for manufacturing aluminum foil are four-fold irretrievable reduction mills. However, contemporary reduction mills are going in the track of big coils, extra-wide, and extra -thin.


Therefore, you should prefer those aluminum foil manufacturer who can supply you with various types of specifications and package depending on your demand.


There are commonly three kinds of aluminum foil jumbo roll manufacturers wrapping, namely hanging category, stacking category, and bottom category.


Hanging category is generally employed for wrapping metro aluminum foil as well as a lightweight aluminum foil in malleable temper.


Two types of packaging devices are wooden dishes as well as a box. However, you should also know that the temperature of the foil to be wrapped up should not be greater than 45 degrees Celsius.


In addition to this, it should also not be contacting humidity or water in the manufacturing procedure, deliverance, and storage.


The procedure of manufacturing aluminum foil


Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll manufacturer in China

Being a wholesaler, individual buyer or importer of aluminum foil jumbo roll manufacturer, you need to know what are the main procedural steps involved in the manufacturing of aluminum foil, which will help you check the quality of foil roll before buying.



This is the process whereby the impurities are removed to make aluminum foil appropriate for turn and heated to soften into molten metal.


However, certain manufacturers will include the rolling fragments to prepare diverse purity aluminum bars by guaranteeing the total purity.


Standardized treatment

The cast base is kept at a soaring temperature; resultantly, the twist in the casting process can be well removed, and the impurities can be broken up in concrete solution, and the contamination distribution becomes standardized.


Facade cutting

As Billet contains uneven surface as well as the oxide coat; hence, it should be cut around 8-10mm’s deep.



It is the procedure where manufacturers need to ensure that during hot-rolled, the crystal particle magnitude of the highly pure aluminum is around 0.5 mm.



The hot coil should cold roll at almost 80C while chilling.


Foil rolling

The basic foil is chilly-rolled into skinny foil by a rolling device of high-precision.


Wash twisting 

The undulation is completed; the rolled oil is clean out, and then cut into rolls.



Firm foil is normally annealed to partly-hard through heat treatment.


Foil Cutting

Aluminum foil is manufactured only by rolling having uneven edges.


Put briefly; if you are planning to buy aluminum foil jumbo roll from China, then you need to get it from the best aluminum foil jumbo roll manufacturer in China, who does not only ensure quality but also rational charges.